Why Nice Guys Finish Last


Ever feel confused about the wisdom in the old expression, “Nice guys finish last?” Up next on Live Forward, Trent Brown explains why nice guys finish last, and his reasons might surprise you. If you want to avoid finishing last, this video is for you.


5 Tips to Avoid Finishing Last

Tip #1: Don’t Be a Pushover


Learn the art of soft negotiation. Find out what she wants to do, and compare it with your thoughts on the evening. Negotiate from there, being careful not to simply agree to avoid conflict.

“The process of always making self concessions plants the seed in her mind that you are becoming nothing but a pushover.”

Trent Brown, Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Tip #2: Zero Expectations Equals Zero Fails


It is important to neutralize your niceness.

“One path to getting girls through confidence, instead of niceness, is to find a girl that you are attracted to, and approach her with zero expectations of actually picking her up.”

Trent Brown

Tip #3: Set Your Own Schedule


Invest in yourself by setting your own schedule.

“Nice guys spend all their time revolving around the girl that they like, because they think if they’re not always there, they’ll miss their chance.”

Trent Brown

Tip #4: Be Assertive and Be Authentic


Say it with your chest. Have the willingness to stand up for yourself.

“Ultimately, people always treat you the way you unconsciously treat yourself.”

Trent Brown

Tip #5: Do Things That Benefit You


Exercise. Eat Quality Food. Read Books. Go Places.

It takes work to be the man she wants you to be, and it starts with creating opportunities for you to learn about yourself. Get up and go!

“[Having] new experiences and [going to] new places makes you seem less needy and more adventurous.”

Trent Brown

Watch Why Nice Guys Finish Last.