10 Signs YOU Are IN the Friend Zone!! (100% CONFIRMED)



Welcome to the video guys my name is Trent. So your friends like to tease you about being shoved into the friend zone but to be real it ain’t funny if you’re living in it. In-fact it’s one of the most hurtful positions to be in, so what is the friend zone exist. It’s important to remember that just because she enjoys talking with you or you share some of the same interest or she responds to a text message it doesn’t mean that it’s concrete proof that she’s into you the friend zone exists.

Because it’s instinctive you know finding true love is never easy with over seven billion people on this planet you’d be hard-pressed to find your soul mate on the first try unfortunately those who get stuck in the friend zone are you’re the good girls or nice guys.

There’s a hundred reasons why maybe she likes competent guys who like to take risks or he likes wild girls better or she likes the adventurous type. Who the hell knows the friend zone is natural but question is how do you expand the good news is you don’t have to be stuck here forever but you should know that really signs so that way you don’t end up torturing yourself.

In this video i’m going to give you ten obvious signs that you’re in the friend zone. Be sure to stick around the end of the video or given my number one sign that you’re already trapped in the friend zone but first be sure to hit that like button if you like this sort of content consider subscribing.

Let’s get started.

1. Things are way too comfortable.

Is she the type of person that contacts you when something exciting or even boring happens in her life? Does your crush basically tell you everything good or bad? If so you may want to back off from those romantic plans to ask her out because this is an obvious sign that you’re in the friend zone.

2. She tells you who she’s crushing on (it isn’t you)

When one likes another in a romantic way they tend to be a little mysterious when it comes to their personal matters. The reason here being is that they most likely wanted to just show the exciting part of their life because they’re trying to impress the person that they like. So when a girl has feelings for a guy she tends to conceal a lot about herself and she would feel uncomfortable you know leaning on him as a shoulder to cry on to Ben about her issues so if she’s willy-nilly with you.

It’s because she views you as a friend that she can trust and not boyfriend she tells you who she’s crushing so if she’s talking with you intimately about another guy that she likes we’re asking your opinion on how to get his attention maybe you heard her talk about a certain guy that she met in class or at work that she likes that you know or she’s currently dating or she’s gone on and on about a guy that she met the other day the worst case scenario for you is if she’s asking your advice on what to do so a guy that she likes will ask her out if she’s telling you about a guy that she finds cute or interesting and this clearly is one strongest signs that you’re officially in the friend zone.

Why it’s obvious if a girl likes you in a romantic way she will do pretty much everything to avoid talking about other guys much less ask for your advice in hopes of landing a date with him if she often does it then it means that either she trusts you so much or she wants to make it clear to you that her heart is not available to you. However if you notice that she compares them to you and you end up being the better one then there’s a high that she likes you but she mention you ever then it’s time escape the friend zone.

3. She dresses & undresses in front of you

She dresses in front of you so what does it mean when your crush dresses in front of you sadly it means you’re in the friend zone. Next time you guys go to the pool or the beach together i want you to notice how she reacts when you were sitting next to each other and she’s wearing a bikini or whatever swim attire. Is she constantly adjusting our straps? Is she fidgeting and glancing over at you?

Because if that’s the case she might be interested in you in a romantic way she’s aware or worried that you might not look good however if she doesn’t care that you can see her imperfections it means she could care less. It’s not a big deal to her if you find her attractive or not. It’s especially true if she can dress and undress in front of you unfortunately for her you’re nothing more than just a friend that she can trust an almost family member.

If you will if she’s comfortable enough getting in that birthday suit in front of you it’s because she’s got no reason to be self-conscious around you that’s it

4. Have you met the family?

So it’s a pretty typical custom to let your family meet someone that you like. So ask yourself have you ever met a man does family even once although you may have already met them because it’s not forbidden to bring a friend home but pay close attention to how she introduces you this is Connor or this is my friend Connor if it’s the latter then you’re nothing more than that and there is another important dynamic to pay attention to do her parents ever refer to your relationship or ever refer to you as a boyfriend or they act too comfortable around you this is the definition of being in the friend zone and nothing more.

5. She sets you up on a date

Does she ever mention a girl that’s in her class or a girl that she works with and describes her as cute and then gives you obvious hints that she thinks that you should text her or ask her out if so it’s a huge red flag and it’s a sign she feels nothing special for you. When she excitedly sets you up for a date if she’s playing cupid and she tries to find you a suitable girlfriend then it explains everything this is what i clear signs that you’re in the friend zone.

6. Always brings along a friend to your hangouts

If you think about it this way would you ever set her up on a date with another guy he’ll know she always brings along her friend when in a hangout so it’s important to pay attention to how she replies whenever you’re sending out her text or calling her to ask her to hang out just reply to the text enthusiastically can you feel her willingness to hang out with you alone or does she always respond by saying hey can i bring along my friend or get my sister tag along?

If she always brings someone else whenever you’re trying to get her alone with you this usually means she’s trying to prevent you from making any advances with her if she sees you as a dating potential she’ll always find an excuse to have you to herself if she brings her other friends during hangout then it’s an indication about your position in her life you’re an awesome friend maybe it’s time to avoid the friend zone.

7. You’re an awesome friend

When you always hear them, say you’re such an awesome friend keep in mind that you know when they’re having to constantly remind you that you’re in friendship is important to them. It’s their way of sending you a message that they want you to stop hoping that you one day become more than that and that you should stop trying to make a move on them. This could also be a last ditch effort they don’t want to lose you as a friend. They don’t want to reach this awkward point where they have to push you away altogether.

8. You are unfunny to her

Just for you to stop your unfunny tour never witnessed a girl laugh at a guy’s joke even when it’s not funny yeah it means that she likes the guy she’s trying to impress and be a lot closer to the guy so keep an eye out if your crush never laughs at your jokes but instead rolls her eyes at them most of the time this is a clear sign for pushing you into the friend zone. Although just because she laughs at them doesn’t always mean that she’s into you it could be just because you’re really funny.

9. Her friends tell you

Her friends tell you if her friends flat-out say that you’re nothing more than friends then don’t take it lightly this is one of the most meaningful signs that you need to move on and stop hoping that she’ll magically see you as more. The truth is she may not be able to tell you to your face because she’s afraid of hurting you again .

Let’s put ourselves in her shoes here for a second. If a girl was interested in you and you weren’t interested in her no one likes no one enjoys hurting people unless you’re Mike Tyson. But who’s the most likely candidates that are gonna hear your frustrations you guessed it your buddies and a good friend will let them down easy.

10. You do boyfriend duties

You do stuff that a boyfriend should be do you drive her home from work even though it’s way out of your way. How do you give her rides from place to place but you’re never invited to do. You always tag along which should go shopping or worse are you the one buying her tampons. Now it’s not entirely bad to do errands for her but if you notice that it keeps on happening she might not be looking at you as a dating potential they might be called boyfriend duties but remember whoever usually does them ends up being in the friend zone.

If she excitedly introduces you to that you’ve been crushing on or maybe he’s hidden the boyfriend already then if she ever had feelings for you or she knew that you liked her too she’d be hesitant to introduce you can we say awkward i hope you guys enjoyed this video. Now you’re on but the sign still be watchful for if they’re trying to avoid the friend zone. Now it’s important to remember that friendship is the foundation of any good relationship. So don’t just stop being her friend because she likes someone else or she may date other guys and you may just be your best friend.

For right now you have no idea knowing what the future holds just focus on being a good friend to her with no hidden agenda. If nothing happens beyond friendship you got 7 billion people to pick from sauce, like smash that subscribe button i released dope videos like this every Thursday and you don’t want to miss them i’ll see all you beautiful people next week keep living forward everybody knows that.